Why You Need A Business Plan Part 2

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Purpose of The Business Plan/Business Plan Outline

The major purpose of any good business plan is to show lenders or other financial institutions that the business idea is feasible and will show a profit. The business plan will certainly be useful in obtaining capital, finding investors, or applying for a loan. The plan should assure investors that the owner is professional, and organized. These are the traits of any successful business owner. Interested parties should be able to scan the plan and see where the business owner wants to take the company, what short term and long term goals
are involved.

According to the (SBA) Small Business Administration, an effective business plan should contain:

- A resume of the owners education, skills, background.
- A description of the product, services
- An analysis of the current marketplace situation;
- Foreseen problems and opportunities facing the company;
- A market analysis showing your targeted customers.
- Realistic goals relating to sales, market share and profits.
- A statement on marketing strategy.
-A detailed plan for carrying out your marketing strategies.
-Budgets and projected profit and loss statements;
- Financial Planning.

In conclusion, the content of your business plan is crucial to your overall success. It will determine how well you manage, plan, and reach your projected goals. Plus, convince interested third parties to invest in your business venture. Business owners often discover that a solid business plan is quite useful even when their business is well established and they are seeking further financing or in convincing stock holders they
are a sound profitable company.


Why You Need A Business Plan Part 1

Business Plans! Part 1

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Turning Entrepreneurship into Reality 

Many people dream about starting their own small or home based business. Turning that dream into reality takes planning.

A business plan is very important to the success of any business. It is important for entrepreneurs to set aside time to compose a workable business plan with a solid foundation. Starting a business without a solid plan would be a major mistake. Despite this many business owners still forge ahead without planning.

Consider This! Successful business owners know their good fortune is due to writing a well defined business plan. A good business plan is a necessary part of any business venture.

Who Needs A Business Plan

Just about anyone who is serious about going into business and making a profit should have a sound business plan in place before they even open the door to their business. Everyone from the new entrepreneur to established business owner will need a business plan when seeking funds, establishing credit, or
expanding their company.


Establishing Professional Image Part Two

Do You Really Require A Web Presence For Success

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A web presence is now a priority to further establish any professional business image. Often, a new client
researching information on a business will search the web or "Google" the business name. If the business
does not have at least a basic website it is at a disadvantage. Set up a one page site to serve as a business brochure the clients may search for information. This will impress and attract new clients. Hosting packages are very inexpensive starting at about $9.95 and up plus many web-host will supply a domain name for free.  With such reasonable prices this is a truly easy way to establish a serious professional business image.

Those who work out of the home might not want a residential address on business correspondence, establish an account with a local mail center. Most of these  mail service centers provide clients with a professional
address to receive all their business correspondence.

Establishing a professional image should be simple if you follow the steps outlined here.