Blogging For Money Online

 Blogging for Money Online

One of my favorite Legitimate Home Business Ideas is Blogging.

A lot of people want you to think that blogging is gone the way of the dinosaur. They think that it is a sign of the times and that it is definitely not a good home business idea or a good way to make money online. The exact opposite is true. There are literally thousands of people every minute of the day who are blogging for money and for fun. This is a good opportunity to make money online with your own blog.

Blogging Topics

What do you blog about? Well, blog about anything that your heart desires. After all it is your blog. You can blog about anything that is under the sun.

Blog about your kids.
Blog about the crazy cat next door.
Blog about what you ate for breakfast.
Blog about your crazy friends.
Blog about your favorite television.
Blog about your favorite celebrity couple
Blog about your vacation
Blog about your favorite cooking recipes
Blog about having a new baby.
Blog about a new job.
Blog about music
Blog about air pollution
Blog about eco-friendly cars
Blog about saving money
Blog about making money.
Bog about new gadgets for the home
Blog about the economy
Blog about the housing market
Blog about a book you are currently reading '

There are thousands of subjects that you could consider for your blog. Just make sure that it is a topic that you could write about on a regular basis with great interest.  This is to build up your pages and perhaps attract regular visitors to your blog. Blog every day, several times a day, weekly, or even monthly. It is your choice. Setting up a blog is a very straight forward tasks. Let's get started with your blog. I prefer blogger. It is easy to start with. Here's what you need to know to join the online blogging community and earn money...

Start Your Blog

 Surf over to Blogger( and sign up for a free blogger account..Submit requested information: your name, email address, select a password.

Accept the Terms of Service. This tells bloggers what they are allowed to do with the blog. Click the signup button. Next, at the new screen follow the instructions to create your blog.Select a title and enter a brief blog description.A host blogspot, along with a subdomain. Your subdomain if your subject was about music and your name was Jan might be

Select a blog template. And make selections from the other options..Next, precede to the administrative area. Make at least one blog post in order for the blog to go live. Remember to Submit the blog to the search engines and blog directories..

 Now, once the traffic starts flowing join Ad Sense to monetize your blog. Blogspot provides easy signup to Ad Sense.Ad Sense will display relevant ads on your blog. You will share in the revenue when a visitor clicks an Ad. Send a link to the blog to all your online friends, family.Visit other blogs leave comments with links back to your blog to increase traffic.

Don't get discouraged. It might take several months before enough traffic starts flowing to the new blog.


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  2. Niles Colliersen11:00 AM

    This is good to know. Thank your for sharing. This makes me excited about starting a blog for my business enterprise.